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Canvas Your Talent 58 page eBook

Are you looking for the best guide to begin establishing your personal brand?  Download the Canvas Your Talent eWorkbook and start your branding journey with Grace Lanni’s step-by-step process on creating a personal/professional brand.

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How to be known for your genius on LinkedIn in as little 7 days…Even if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile!
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Free Ignition Checklist

There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than empowering a client to dream of their next branding adventure and make it work. Where are you on your Canvas | Share | Ignite journey?  Find out with this free Ignition Checklist.

$27 Launch Your Podcast eBook

In this new e-book I take you through the steps to reveal your brand through establishing a podcast.  Learn how to connect with your audience so they will keep tuning in after they subscribe!