February 17, 2022
February 18, 2022
Tampa, Florida

Why Social Impact is a MUST for Your Brand

Are you noticing more and more businesses are talking about their causes?  How do you know they are giving a pair of shoes for every one purchased?  Understanding your cause's impact and being involved in the cause with your tribe is more authentic, more fulfilling, and more amplifying to your brand.  Avoid the MadMen greenwashing phenomenon and get your heart Giving Out Loud.  Join Grace to learn how.

-Understand Key Elements of a Modern Personal Brand

-Top 3 ways to Harmonize Your Personal & Professional Brands

-What’s Changed in the Last 2Years to Require Authentic Social Cause to be a Vector in Your Brand

-Greenwashing and How to Ensure You Step Over This Trap.

September 9, 2021
Austin, Texas

How Authentic Personal Branding Led to a COVID Gift

Grace is an Executive Producer from Austin, Texas. Her current project is a cinematic docuseries ‘4 Days to Save the World’ premiering on Amazon, Apple, and more Labor Day ’21. She continually stretches the cutting edge of personal/professional branding via television, radio and social. Originally trained as a Bio/Electrical engineer, Grace’s first CEO venture was an online software solution. One of only two women to be venture funded at the multi-million-dollar level in Austin in 2000, Grace was featured in the Austin Business Journal, on KEYE, and won the KPMG Stand-Out Startup Award. Today, she is focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship and television harmonizing her producer life.

Jan, Feb, and March ’20 were banner months for Grace’s 21-year-old firm, ‘All About That Brand’. Then, COVID happened. On 4/15, she made a decision to start something new – and was unsure exactly what that might be. The campaign she was running on LinkedIn captured the attention of a producer on a television show. The entertainment industry was an unknown, and the participants in the production were entrepreneurs ready to solve a social problem. Join Grace to learn about her journey from Associate to Executive Producer in 12 months.

This talk is for you if:
1) You’re not sure about how to approach social media and your career.
2) You want to start something new, but you’re not sure where to start.
3) Television is a medium you are curious about.