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I recently was asked to participate in a project with John Davidson – ‘Women Who Tech are Dangerous’. He is an insightful journalist who inspired me to talk about my past in a very creative way.

Through rounds of questions to discover gender inequality, I realized how fortunate I was to have detoured these issues through my life. Just read or watch a historical fiction story about England’s Henry VIII if you’d like to know how far women have come.

As a Personal Branding Strategist, I’m often asked by execs, ‘How Much of My Life Do I Share?’ Recently, a CTO tried to tell me he didn’t have a business brand. Cute. He joyfully recanted by the end of our conversation.

The older I get, and the more experiences I have researching and designing personal and company brands, the clearer I am that transparency and authenticity is not only a trend, but that technology has made it a truth. What ever you do in/out of work goes into the human data bank and produces an experience of you through the eyes of the perceiver.

My rule of thumb is to share as much as supports your personal brand profile (which includes your mission/vision/purpose/values/goals, etc.). As I am an advocate for women’s leadership, sharing more of my personal journey in this project made sense at this point in my career. 20 yrs ago, I rarely spoke about my historical personal or work experiences unless it was in a small group conversation and used to ‘lift up’ another woman.

I’m grateful for John’s process and encourage you to promote your best authentic self. John’s article:

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